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Bada Mangal : The Holy Month of Love & Litter

Updated: Jul 4

Budhwa Mangal or Bada Mangal, a month-long festival celebrated across Uttar Pradesh, India, on every Tuesday in the Hindu month of Jyeshtha. While nobody possibly sleeps hungry during this month, the streets become a testament to the reality of our lives - plastic is everywhere.

-Sampada Bhardwaj & Nandini Arora

Bhandaras are large community feasts, organised with the charitable purpose of feeding people. The festival blurs the divide between haves and have-nots, as it ensures that nobody goes home hungry or is thirsty during the scorching summer heat. However, these bhandaras can also be a significant source of waste. While specific data on the exact amount of waste generated at each Bhandara itself might be difficult to find, we have tried to explore the issue based on available information.

Types of Waste:

Waste Management Challenges

Initiatives for Sustainable Bhandaras
There is hope. There are several tried and tested initiatives that could help resolve almost all the issues mentioned above.

The Way Forward

Promoting sustainable practices like those mentioned above can significantly reduce waste generation from bhandaras. Additionally, encouraging waste segregation and composting initiatives can help manage the waste effectively.
By implementing these steps, we can ensure that bhandaras continue to be a cherished community tradition while minimizing their environmental impact.
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